Friday, June 26, 2009

The Vampire's Humor

One night I rose from where I lay in rest;
I woke from dreams about my counterpart.
Rude thunder shook chambers inside my chest,
While lightning teased my cold and vacant heart.
Desire had seeped into my tortured mind;
Into the rain I ran in search of blood.
I knew whatever comfort I might find
Lay not in sleeping like a piece of wood.
My senses sharp, I found my human feast:
My girl, asleep in her eternal night.
I drank of her until her heartbeat ceased;
I watched her die and sadly touched the bite.
And so my skin feels warm now from her blood,
And, I confess, she tasted pretty good!

(c) 1987-1994 Frederick Ingram

1 comment:

  1. Originally written for Mr. Thomas's senior English class at Sumter High School. I didn't add the final line until a couple of years later, after I'd had some life experience.